Providing feedback

Viewing submissions

After students have submitted their documents, there are two ways to access the paper and the Similarity Report. You can click on the yellow exclamation point in the Blackboard Grade Center, or follow these steps to view the Turnitin assignment inbox:
  1. Select Course Tools under Control Panel and then choose Turnitin Assignments in the left hand menu of the Blackboard course
  2. Select the assignment in the middle of the screen that you would like to review
  3. The next window will display the Assignment Inbox including a table with information about the students and the assignment

Author – student name
Title – title of the paper uploaded for assignment
Similarity – the percentage of text that matches content from other sources – click on this icon to view the Similarity Report
Grade – click on the pen icon to view and grade the paper, after the item is scored, the grade will show in this column
Response – the dot in this column will turn into a silhouette with a check mark if the student opens the item to review your grading comments
File – an original file can be opened or downloaded from this column
Paper ID – Turnitin assigns an ID to each submission
Date - the date a paper is uploaded for an assignment will be red if the paper is submitted after the due date
Click on the Title, Similarity percentage, or Grade to open a paper in the Turnitin Feeback Studio. 
(view the interactive Feedback Studio demo).

Feedback Studio = Similarity Report + Instructor Feedback

Review Similarity Reports

On the right side of the paper you will see the tools available to review and grade the paper divided into layers:

Similarity Layer – if this icon is black, the layer is turned off, click the icon to turn it red and the Similarity results will display
Match Overview – displays the percentage of unoriginal content, click on the number to view the top matches
All Sources – Select this icon to display all of the sources matched for unoriginal content
Filters & Settings – allows you to filter the results or run a new report
Excluded Sources – displays all sources you selected to exclude in the All Sources screen

A similarity report checks students’ work for improper citation or unoriginal content by comparing it against the world's largest academic database of:
~ 70+ billion web pages
~ 1.2 billion student papers
~ 180+ million articles from academic books and publications
"The similarity score is simply a reflection of the percentage of similar words. The power in the Similarity Report, however, is to help educators identify issues, focus on areas of excellence or growth, and guide feedback to help your students improve their writing and keep integrity at the core of all they do."

Provide Feedback

You can add QuickMarks, bubble comments, and/or inline text annotations by clicking on the paper or highlighting an area of text then selecting the appropriate tool.

On the right side of the paper you will see additional tools for feedback options:

Feedback Layer - if this icon is black, the layer is turned off, click the icon to turn it blue and activate the layer
QuickMarks - your library of frequently used comments - if multiple instructors provide comments, identifying initials will appear on each comment
Summative Feedback - voice and text comments
Rubric/Grading Forms - view and complete a rubric or grading form if one was attached to the assignment

View thorough instructions for Commenting Tools link inline comments, and QuickMarks, QuickMark Manager, and Rubrics and Grading Forms available from the Turnitin support site.

ETS e-rater

This is a built in spelling and mechanics checker that can be enabled in the 'Optional Settings' area when creating an assignment.

 Feedback Layer - if this icon is black, the layer is turned off, click the icon to turn it purple and to display the ETS e-rater results
e-rater Results - view the grammar, mechanics, style, usage, and spelling suggestions from the e-rater results


Printing & Information

Download - allows you to download/print a digital receipt, the original file, and/or the current view - make sure the Similarity Report or Feedback levels are active if you would like the comments to print with the document
Information - includes submission details including character, word, and page counts, submission date and time, and iPad access code


You can enter/edit a score for a paper at the top of the window - this score will automatically populate the assignment column in the Blackboard GradeCenter. Note: at this time, decimals do not translate and the grade will be rounded. If you use decimals, you can manually enter the grade in Blackboard's GradeCenter.
For more information about the Feedback Studio, please visit the support guides provided by Turnitin support. 

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