Create an assignment

Here are the basic steps to create a Turnitin assignment in a Blackboard course:

  1. Within a content area of your Blackboard course select the ‘Turnitin Assignment’ option from the Assessments drop-down list.

  2. Give the assignment a title and point value if applicable. Note: a column will be automatically created for the assignment in the BB Grade Center.

  3. Define three dates: Start, Due, and Post – the Post Date is the day your students can see any grading comments you provide through Turnitin. The post date can be set for any day you like - from right after the assignment starts to a week or more after the due date, it depends on your grading work flow.

  4. Open the ‘Optional Settings’ area of the assignment, here are a few of the options you can define:
    - Allow submissions after due date?
    - Generate Similarity Report?
    - Have student papers submitted to Turnitin repository? Options: No repository, Standard repository, Institution (GU only) repository, or student's choice
    - Allow students to view the Similarity Report? This is a great learning opportunity for the student.
    - ETS e-Rater- this is a spelling, grammar, and mechanics checker that is built in and easily turned on or off as you like.
    - New
    - Exclude template option introduced January 2022. This means that you can define text, like questions or case details, that is ignored by Turnitin when running an originality report. Assignment templates used by students can pad the percentage for unoriginal content.
  5. Click the Submit button and the assignment will be added to the Blackboard course.

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