Peer review assignments through Turnitin

Steps to create a PeerMark assignment:

  1. Create a regular Turntitin paper assignment
    (students upload their original work to this assignment)

  2. Create a PeerMark assignment that is based on the paper assignment
    (the work is distributed for review within this assignment)

  3. Set the options within the PeerMark assignment including start & end dates, and point values

  4. Enter the distribution criteria consisting of:
    - number of papers automatically distributed by PeerMark
    - number of papers selected by student
    - if the students should review their own paper

  5. Add questions:
    - click on the 'Add Question' button
    - select Free Response, Scale, or a previously saved library of questions
    - Free Response allows you to enter the question and designate a required minimum word count for the open-ended question
    - Scale questions allows you to enter a question and create labels for the scale - maximum five point scale

  6. Create all of the questions for the peer review - you can save the full list to a library for future use

  7. 'Save & Finish'
The complete PeerMark guide from Turnitin includes editing, deleting, and reordering questions, as well as viewing student reviews and providing your own review.

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