The Turnitin Suite is fully integrated into Gonzaga's BlackBoard platform, so you and your students do not need a separate password to use the software. However, instructors can use Turnitin directly from their website by going to If you would like to use Turnitin directly, please contact ATASupport at to have this arranged.


Note: each Blackboard course and Turnitin assignment will be customized by the professor and may use different terms and components – this information will be as generic and inclusive as possible.


The primary actions as an instructor are to:

95% of all support questions have to do with the Post date
that is why we mention it here at the begining of the guide.
When an assignment is created, a Start, Due, and Post date are defined. The Post date is the day students can review the professor's feedback. If you have students that can not access comments you provided them through Turnitin, check the Post date for the assignment. You can edit the Post date anytime during the life of an assignment.
Please contact the ATAS team with any questions or to schedule individual or group training.

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