Rubrics and Grading Forms

Turnitin offers two different ways to create a rubric. There is the standard rubric, a table format that allows you to select a cell and then the program calculates the score, but this format does not allow for comments/feedback for each criterion. Then there is the Grading Forms which allow for feedback and will add up the scores, you just have to enter the point value for each criterion.   

You can add or create a rubric in Turnitin while creating the assignment by following these steps:
  1. When creating or editing a Turnitin assignment, open the Optional Settings area
  2. Scroll down the page to the Online grading section

 3. All rubrics you create will be available as an option in the drop-down for future assignments. To create a new rubric, click the Manager link. When the manager is open, the option to create a new grading from will be located under the more (hamburger) button in the corner:


A few things to know when creating a rubric or grading form:

  • The criterion titles have limited character allotment, you will want to keep the titles short and add additional information in the description.
  • You can edit the form up until it is used to score the first paper, then it is locked.
  • You can duplicate a form if you want to try different options or to tweak it for different assignments.

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