How to submit an assignment

Turnitin assignments will be listed in a Blackboard course along with other class assignments, documents, etc., you will not have to leave the course to submit or view an assignment. Note: each Blackboard course will be customized by the professor and may use different terms for the areas of the course – this information will be as generic as possible.


  1. Open the area of the Blackboard course with the assignment.

  2.  A Turnitin assignment will be identifiable by the Tii logo – select the ‘View/Complete’ link.
  3. The next screen will have information about the assignment including:
    • Information about the assignment
    • Rubric preview will be available if a rubric is connected to the assignment
    • Dates, including Start, Due, & Post - the Post date is when students can see instructor feedback
    • View - a button that will turn blue when active and will allow you to view the assignment after graded
    • Download option for a copy of the file

  1.  Click the Submit button - if the assignment is active, the submit button will be bright blue. If it is grey, check the start and due dates.

  2. You will be redirected to the file upload page where you can upload your paper. Turnitin will automatically generate your first and last name. Enter a title for the paper.

  3.  The page will give you three options of where to upload the paper from. Select the upload option where your paper is saved. A window will open up prompting you to browse for and select the paper you wish to upload. Once you have selected the paper, click open.

  4. You will then be redirected back to the upload page, now the document you selected will be displayed along with a blue Upload button.

  5. Once you select Upload you will see a preview page, with the first page of the paper displayed on the right hand side and your name, assignment title, submission title, file title, file size, page count, word and character count displayed on the left hand side. Click Confirm, to finalize your choice for paper submission.
  6. A digital receipt will be generated for you on that page and a copy will also be emailed to your Zagmail account.

You have successfully uploaded a paper to Turnitin!
Here is a video that walks through the steps [1:21]

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