Similarity Check

Similarity Check displays the percentage of text in a document found to be similar to or match a source in Turnitin’s repository. Students are recommended to consider the following:

  • choose only the most significant quotes to include from your sources
  • summarize, paraphrase, or explain an idea in your own words rather than quoting it directly
  • cite all your evidence using the appropriate citation style
When students use Draft Coach add-in to run a Similarity Report, their submissions are not indexed/saved in the repository - this means that originality reports run for class assignments will not match against draft submissions. Students are limited to three similarity reports for a document and should be advised to use them wisely. 
You can only run 3 similarity checks for a paper - be strategic.

After you have turned on the Draft Coach add-in:
1. select the Similarity tab
2. click the Run Similarity Check button

3. a notice will tell you how many checks you have left for the paper; remember, you can only run three similarity checks on a paper
4. click the confirm button if you want to run a check
5. be patient and wait for the report to complete, it can take a little while depending on the length of the paper

Brief information will be displayed in the side window, click the View Full Report button to open the report in a new tab/window. You will see extra options to understand the report when it is expanded.

The first time the full report is open, the program will offer a quick tour of the page. You can always access this helpful tour from the question mark in the

A few quick things to know about an originality report:
  1. It does not show or detect plagiarism -  it shows content that matches items in the repository.
  2. It is not unusual to have some unoriginal content, in fact, it is expected for many papers - quotes, citations, common phrases will all display as unoriginal content. 
  3. Look at the matches to see that quotes and citations were handled correctly

We highly recommend this guide to understanding the results for Draft Coach by Turnitin

Instructions and guides for Draft Coach:
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