How to view professor feedback

Here are the basic steps to view a Turnitin assignment with instructor feedback in Blackboard:


  1. Return to the area of the Blackboard course where you submitted your assignment.
  2. Select the ‘View/Complete’ link under the assignment title.
  3. The next window will display the assignment information box – remember, the availability of icons and tools will depend on the assignment settings created by the professor.
  4. If the paper is available to view, the ‘View’ button will be brighter than the Submit button. If the button is grey, then check the Post Date of the assignment. The Post Date is the date a student can see the Similarity Report and instructor feedback.


Note: you may not be able to view all of the Turnitin content if you try to view the assignment through the Blackboard Grade Center. It is best to follow the instructions above.


Alternative steps to open your paper and feedback in Blackboard:

  1. Select My Grades from the Tools in Blackboard
  2. Select the course from the left hand column to display each graded item in the right hand column
  3. Click on the assignment title
  4. Under Feedback From Instructor you will see both the link to the Originality Report that opens all of the Turnitin content, and any comments or documents uploaded by the professor


After you open an assignment to view, the Feedback Studio will open and you will see the original paper in the middle of the screen.  

There is a menu on the right-hand side of the screen with buttons to turn layers on and off, including professor feedback, similarity report, ETS e-rater, and information:




















Here is a video that walks you through the steps of reviewing feedback [2:46]



Feedback can be given in several formats (not all professors use all formats):

  • Comment bubbles (blue boxes) in the body of your paper - Click on the box to see additional comments, beyond the title in the comment bubble
  • Typed (blue) notes in between the double spaced lines of your paper
  • "Instructor Feedback" that address the paper holistically, may be text or audio in format
  • Rubric points by clicking on the "View Rubric" link under the "General Comments"

To print/download files submitted to TurnItIn, select the Download icon in the right hand menu - it is an arrow pointing down. You can select to print/download a digital receipt of the paper, the originally submitted paper, or the current view. Make sure you have the options visible that you would like to print, including Similarity Report, Instructor Feedback, and/or the ETS grammar checker. These can all be turned on in the right hand menu.

The (i) icon gives a very nice list of basic information about the paper, including dates, word count, originality report and more.


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