Turnitin is a grading, peer-review, and similarity checking tool available through Blackboard at Gonzaga University. Turnitin encourages best practices for using and citing other people's written material and offers instructors ways to save time and improve their feedback on the writing process. 
Gonzaga University subscribes to the full Turnitin Suite which includes the Feedback Studio, Similarity Report, PeerMark, and an iPad app for grading submissions.
Want to know what is in Turnitin's content database? Here is the growing list of items each paper is checked against.

Known Issues:

February 2020 - quotation marks in the title of a document will cause an error when submitting to Turnitin.

March 7, 2019 - Turnitin had some reports from the users using Blackboard/latest version of Safari combination.
It looks to be the cache issue - here are the steps to clear the cache in Safari
1. Go to the Safari Preferences > Privacy tab > click on “Manage Website Data” and wait for the data to load.
2. Search for, and remove the cached websites below:
- googlesyndication.com
- googleservices.com
- turnitinuk.com
- turnitin.com
3. Close and reopen Safari.
4. Try submitting again.

Turnitin's Status Page: https://turnitin.statuspage.io/


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