Grammar Check

Grammar Guide provides in-depth instructions to help students make their own edits. It does not automatically correct mistakes since the goal is for the student to review, reflect, and apply the feedback. This approach leads to better understanding and mastery of grammar concepts. The four categories that Grammar Guide searches are: (spelling is not searched because Word already does that)

  • Grammar - The basic structure of language, in this case, US-English.
  • Mechanics - Language rules regarding the use of punctuation, capitalization, and spacing.
  • Usage - How and when to use words and their variations based on the context. Focuses more on the meaning of the word rather than the mechanics.
  • Structure - The arrangement of words, phrases, and clauses to make up a sentence.
You can run as many checks on grammar as you like.

After you have turned on the Draft Coach add-in:
1. select the Grammar tab
2. click the Run Grammar Check button

Please note: the Grammar Check will only provide a report for the first 100,000 characters. If your document exceeds this length, you may want to split your draft into separate documents. 
You can learn more about your Grammar Check results here. (scroll down the page)

Instructions and guides for Draft Coach:
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